We've been sought out to so that we could launch an app focused on helping lawyers who just graduated and civilians that didn't have access to the set of laws and rules which protect their rights. Justap is the app focused on helping both.

Brazil's juridical system is still conservative in some aspects if you consider the fact that most of this system’s professionals tend to be older, more experienced and, consequently, more expensive. Given this scenario, it’s not easy for civilians who have a low monthly income and low academic instruction to hire these high valued professionals to solve what some times are simple cases. This situation also excludes juridical professionals who just finished college and are trying to insert themselves at the market, job wise, since they don’t usually win the competition against the older professionals who seek the same the clients as they do.

An entrepreneur who was very familiar with this scenario sought out to DUX so that both could work together and help anyone in a situation like that. Taking the side of lawyers who had no experience, as well as the side of civilians who have a low academic education level and lack of knowledge about laws and rules that protect their rights, the solution developed was the app Justap.

In order to create Justap, DUXcoworkers’ multidisciplinary team developed a study that gathered, analyzed and mapped user’s behavior designing the app’s usability. After that, there was the need for innovation, in order to deliver that we’ve designed all the journey presented in the app: from the brand design, and visual identity, to visual design and information architecture. Making the client’s idea become an app with a well-structured journey that could satisfy the needs of the early-described situation’s protagonist: civilians and freshly graduated law professionals.

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